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News 11 apr 2019



From 25 to 29 March, a delegation of innovative Dutch companies, led by municipal executive Klaas Verschuure (Economic Affairs), visited Taiwan. Madaster was one of the participants in this trade mission and signed agreements with the Taiwan Construction and Research Institute (TCRI) and Topone International Consultants. These collaborations will contribute to material passports being adopted by the construction sector, with the aim to eliminate waste.

Late March 2019, Rob Oomen (Partnership Manager Madaster) and Simone Sars (Business Development Manager Asia) travelled to Taiwan for the second time. Their first visit, in November 2018, centred around them becoming familiar with Taiwan and its ambitions with respect to circularity in construction.
During this second visit, Madaster signed agreements with the Taiwan Construction and Research Institute (TCRI) and Topone International Consultants. In the presence of Chen Mei Ling of the National Development Council, a declaration of intent was signed between TCRI, Kelly Hsieh, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Klaas Verschuure and Guy Wittich from the Netherlands Trade & Investment Office. They joined forces to introduce the material passport in Taiwan. TCRI is one of Taiwan’s leading organisations promoting the circular economy in the construction sector. They have a vast network within this sector, as well as among government and knowledge institutes.
Furthermore, an agreement was also signed with Topone International Consultants register 49 residential properties on the Madaster Platform, which are part of a demonstration project in Taoyuan city.

‘It is good to see that Taiwan intends to make the transition to a circular economy, and we are very proud to be a part of this. By introducing the material passport in Taiwan and the initiation of demonstration projects, we also hope to contribute to the elimination of waste within Taiwan’s built environment.’ Simone Sars-Huijser van Reenen

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