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Our platform

Madaster is the online library of information on materials and products. For registered buildings and infrastructure objects, our platform provides insight into the materials and products used and their location, as well as their impact on circularity and the environment. By thus providing these materials with an identity, we create awareness and understanding and make reuse easier, reduce waste and minimise the impact on our environment. In this way, Madaster is working towards a circular construction industry.

Using Madaster to register all the materials and products that are incorporated in a building or infrastructure object, you are automatically creating a unique material passport for that building or object. This passport always shows exactly which materials and products are included, as well as their impact on circularity and the environment, and the potential residual value they represent. To automatically create such a passport, all you need to do is upload the BIM (IFC) or Excel document in Madaster.

Madaster offers more than mere static data. It also shows the circular value of materials and how they are applied within the objects. Madaster also takes account of the degree of disassemblage of all the components and products. In this way, it forms the circularity index that indicates the circular character of a certain object. In addition, Madaster also offers its users the data and insights needed to further increase circularity.

Madaster will show you how much CO2, or embodied carbon, an object contains. The presence of toxic substances is also recorded. This information can be updated, automatically, whenever there are changes to the object, such as in cases of renovation. Madaster can also serve as a tool that can be consulted for demolition purposes. By reusing the materials, you also ‘reuse’ their CO2 storage, which is an important focal point of circular construction.

Madaster contains large amounts of data with which your input will be automatically enhanced. It is a source of own data, data from producers and from publicly available sources, such as the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Madaster forms a linked data platform where you can accurately register and enhance your buildings and infrastructure objects.

For each registered object, Madaster creates a user environment filled with information. Madaster can also be used as a public register, in which case the platform retrieves all available information on a certain area, such as the types of materials used and their quantities. Madaster can also predict what other materials are likely to be present, to provide an estimation for the entire selected area. Madaster users can decide whether or not they want to add their own uploaded data to the public register.

Madaster actively keeps track of the rules and regulations for sustainable and circular construction. If there are any changes, we adapt the information on our platform. In this way, Madaster will always show you whether you are complying with the latest regulations and you can always use this information to demonstrate compliance to various bodies.

This is what Madaster looks like

In Madaster, you create a digital twin, or digital copy, of a building or other construction object, which provides a clear overview of the materials used in it, the amount of CO2 these materials contain and the extent to which they could be reused.

The material passport

Many companies are looking for ways to create material passports. In Madaster, this is easy. You only need to upload a BIM (IFC) or Excel document. Madaster automatically enhances these data into a complete passport that offers you a wealth of information and insights.

Our continuous development roadmap

  • More data

    Q3 2022

    We are working on a renewed Madaster data source with information on material composition, circularity and environmental impact and, in collaboration with manufacturers, will be making more data available on our platform.

  • Easier to use

    Q3 2022

    Madaster will also become even more user-friendly, with new tools such as an interactive 3D viewer and configurator and automatically generated dashboards.

  • New applications

    Q4 2022

    Examples of the new applications that we are implementing in Madaster include a local register, completely renewed formats for our material passports, manufacturer’s track & trace option, and CO2 reports.

  • Platform improvements

    Q4 2022

    Better and further automated data enhancement and easier subscription management are important improvements in the platform.

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