Materials, products and elements that are used in construction objects are registered and documented on the Madaster platform. All data is stored securely, intelligently enriched, easily shared and managed. All in such a way that owners and/or managers of real estate and infrastructure always have up-to-date information on the financial and circular value, toxicity, demountability and reuse potential of the materials and products applied in their properties.

The platform generates a materials passport for buildings, construction objects and portfolios. Property owners own the data and can provide internal and external parties with access to their data and other information, at their own discretion. Access to third-party applications and services, such as assessors, marketplaces for reusable materials and property managers, is optional.

For property owners, Madaster is offered on a subscription basis. Suppliers and advisors of property owners can gain access through an Enterprise License.

In addition, Madaster offers various partner opportunities, and has developed a special learning environment for students and universities.