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Circular and sustainable real estate

Public organisations play an important role in the construction industry. They manage and construct large amounts of real estate and infrastructure and agree and maintain laws and regulations.

Our government authorities set the standard and stimulate innovation.  The use of Madaster provides insights into circularity and the carbon impact of materials and products in buildings and infrastructure and as such allows improvements to be made where necessary. By doing so, Madaster wants to support government authorities in their public tasks and responsibilities.

How Madaster can be of benefit to you

There are many changes happening in the construction sector. A major topic is sustainable, or circular, construction. Governments both want to be pioneers and to avoid making any mistakes. In addition, they also act with an eye to the future. Projects started today should not cause problems at a later stage. The circularity of museums, bridges, railways or apartment buildings is, of course, extremely important, in this respect.

Madaster is an independent and transparent system that inventories information about the environmental impact and circularity of the materials used in a project and, subsequently, stores that information in a material passport. The data will be well protected, digitised, always up-to-date and compliant with current and future legislation and regulations — which is reassuring.

How it works

  • Creating a digital passport

    Government authorities, whether national, regional or local, attach great importance to measuring and revealing environmental threats posed by cadastral objects.

    For every object, a digital passport enables it user to know exactly which materials are in, on or under the object, what impact they have on the environment and what value they represent for reuse. This makes it incredibly easy, for example for municipalities, to produce reports that provide insights and recommendations, per plot, about environmental pollution and the measures to be taken.

  • Obtaining insight through data

    Madaster understands that public authorities need reliable data if they are tasked with monitoring and managing both new construction projects and existing properties.

    Managing those will become easier and better when decisions are made on the basis of facts. Madaster offers an independent data source for each existing object and construction project. Data are made available, in a transparent manner, to the people involved (and therefore to no one else). The transparent data help to check whether laws and regulations have been or are being correctly implemented in the construction project. In addition, they offer the possibility for reducing and possibly monetising waste flows. The fact that data on all materials can be accessed at a glance makes it easier to predict maintenance requirements. Madaster provides real-time and dynamic insight into the entire construction portfolio. The Madaster Platform offers the possibility for automatically summarising these data in clear reports on the environmental impact, per object and per district or region.

  • Building the future

    Increasing numbers of building and housing inspectors know that circularity is the future.

    This is evident from the fact that ever more legislation is being created to oblige manufacturers, project developers and property owners to apply circular solutions. The government, in the role of building inspector as well as property owner, has a major interest in ensuring that these solutions become the norm for every new building and renovation and demolition project. Waste flows must be reduced and reusing materials is an important way of reducing CO2 levels. In order to comply with EU environmental targets, it is important to set these changes in motion as soon as possible. Madaster offers a reliable and effective tool that helps to make responsible choices and to transform the realm of construction and real estate in an innovative way.

Harvest the benefits

Create your account on the Madaster platform

The Madaster Platform

In Madaster, material passports can be created, effortlessly, based on a BIM (IFC) or Excel document. By automatically enhancing them with information on circularity, environmental impact and residual value, your Madaster environment will become a valuable data source.

The overview of registered objects, enriched with insight from algorithms, is available through our area register. It visualises availability of materials on a user defined area level. It provides insight for policymakers and anyone looking for data on the built environment.

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