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Blogs 23 apr 2024

Introducing Madaster’s new scalable product feature for manufacturers 

In the dynamic world of construction, manufacturers constantly seek innovative ways to ensure their products meet industry standards while maximising efficiency. Madaster’s latest platform feature, focusing on scalable products, promises to revolutionise how building products are specified and applied, offering unprecedented control and precision. Here’s a closer look at what this new feature entails and how it benefits manufacturers.

Understanding the scalable product feature on the Madaster platform

The scalable product feature within Madaster refers to a suite of options that allows manufacturers to have enhanced control over how their products are integrated and utilised within construction projects. This feature is particularly beneficial when dealing with products whose characteristics can vary based on changes detected in the IFC/3D model.

For instance, consider a piping manufacturer. Typically, as a pipe increases in length, it also becomes thicker, heavier, and denser. Historically, these variations could complicate calculations related to environmental impact metrics like Global Warming Potential (GWP) because standard industry software like IFC does not automatically adjust for such changes. Madaster’s scalable product feature addresses this gap by allowing manufacturers to input equations that automatically adjust the product’s attributes based on its dimensions in real-time.

Greater control over product application

Another critical aspect of this feature is the enhanced control it offers manufacturers over the application of their products. For example, if a flooring manufacturer specifies a maximum thickness of 50 millimetres for a product, there’s typically nothing preventing a user from inadvertently setting a thickness of 10 millimetres in their project plans. With Madaster’s new feature, if such an error is detected, the system can automatically correct the thickness to align with the manufacturer’s specifications.

How manufacturers use the scalable product feature

Manufacturers can easily engage with this feature by accessing their product database on the Madaster platform, selecting a product, and opting into the scalable function. They can then enter the necessary formulas that the platform will use to dynamically calculate required adjustments as the product’s application parameters (such as area, height, or thickness) change.

The value and benefits for manufacturers

Implementing the scalable product feature means that products are represented more accurately on the platform, reflecting the manufacturers’ precise specifications and sustainability efforts. This not only ensures compliance with environmental standards but also reduces the workload for manufacturers. They no longer need to manage multiple entries for products that vary only slightly in specification; instead, a single entry can adapt as needed based on predefined parameters.

Key benefits include:

  • Accuracy: Ensures products are used precisely as intended, reflecting true sustainability metrics.
  • Efficiency: Eliminates the need for multiple product listings and adjustments.
  • Control: Gives manufacturers the ability to set strict guidelines on how products should be applied, preventing misuse and ensuring compliance with design standards.

Madaster’s scalable product feature is now live, providing manufacturers with a powerful tool to streamline their offerings and ensure their products are used correctly and efficiently in building projects.

Madaster is committed to advancing sustainable construction practices by continuously enhancing the functionality and user-friendliness of our platform. This new feature is just one way we’re helping manufacturers achieve better control, accuracy, and efficiency in their operations.

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