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Projects 18 jan 2023

Madaster Education Platform

Especially for students, we have developed the Madaster Education Platform. It gives educational institutions worldwide the chance to make circularity tangible for their students.
Via a (series of) master class(es), teachers can tell students more about the possibilities the Madaster platform offers in the field of circular design and construction. By the Madaster Education Platform developed especially for this purpose, they can see how the platform works, what overviews it offers users and how they can benefit from this. Using great practical examples, students see the effects of smart material (re)use on the environment. For instance, a different design with (more) existing materials can have a great effect on the CO2 footprint of a building. Circularity then suddenly becomes very tangible. The positive feedback we receive from the students and the impact we hope to achieve in the future motivates us to continue offering the Madaster Education Platform worldwide. Below some responses of students to the Madaster Education Platform, of which we are very proud. “I found this business to be really cutting edge and interesting. I was really intrigued that they wanted to operate as a non-profit to be available to attract more people and businesses.” “What I enjoyed most is how the company takes information from the Norton Medal Exchange so that clients can see the change in value of their commodity resources. In doing, this clients can see the market price of the commodities and any sort of fluctuations.” “This was one of my favorite ideas thus far. I think not only was it a great idea for promoting sustainability but it was also a great idea for keeping track of materials and managing your buildings in general.” “I enjoyed the exploration of Madaster’s website, especially the virtual representation of the buildings with color codes for material types, which will allow developers to easily decipher how much of their buildings are made with sustainable materials.” “Madaster is a brilliant business idea; I’m surprised this sort of materials documentation isn’t more prevalent.” “Madaster made me completely rethink infrastructure and development. I never fully thought about demolition and where materials went after a building sometimes as large as a skyscraper was demolished.” “Madaster was inspiration! This company is challenging the status quo of real estate by attacking the energy (CO2 and energy) and the material problems as well (raw materials and waste).” “Our visit to Madaster was great. It’s a really smart (and necessary) technology. I think it is a prime example showing just really how complex it is and how much work it’s going to take to actually shift our economy from a linear model to cradle to cradle circularity.” If you would like to know more about the Madaster Education Platform and the possibilities for your educational institution , feel free to contact us.

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