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News 18 jan 2019



Software company KUBUS has become an official partner of Madaster Services, as of today. Shortly after Madaster started its operations, in February 2017, there already was an affiliation with KUBUS, who is also one of the Kennedys. Over the last years, KUBUS has been providing Madaster with advice about BIM integration, and together they have worked on coupling certain software tools, such as ARCHICAD, Solibri and BIMcollab. The next logical step, therefore, was that of signing the KUBUS–Madaster partnership agreement.

Madaster is an independent public platform that aims to eliminate waste, worldwide. It functions as an online library, documenting buildings and the products and materials applied within them. All users of Madaster can generate a material passport for their buildings. A material passport contains information about the quality and origins of materials and their current location. This makes them easier to recover and reuse, in cases of renovation and restoration. Buildings, thus, become documented ‘repositories’ of materials.

Much of the digital information on a building, including its physical and functional characteristics, is recorded in a Building Information Model (BIM). During a building’s designing, management and maintenance phases, data are being added and coupled, which enables construction partners to work with these enhanced models and promotes integral collaboration. KUBUS is a software company that specialises in BIM models. The availability of these models in Madaster can be improved and automated with the integration of material databases. In 2017, KUBUS already developed certain rules in the Solibri and BIMcollab ZOOM tools that enable assessment and validation of the Madaster requirements. Subsequently, in 2018, it developed a complete workflow from ARCHICAD to the Madaster Platform. This can be used to prepare BIM models so that material passports can be generated more easily from the platform.

‘As a Kenndy, KUBUS has been supporting the development of the Madaster Platform, right from the beginning. Now that it is also a Madaster partner, we will be increasing our collaboration through the technical integration of various software solutions—the first step of which is coupling the material databases. We are looking forward to such closer collaboration in the years to come.’ – Martijn Oostenrijk, Director of Madaster Services

‘Madaster is providing an essential step towards a circular built environment, which is perfectly in line with our own vision. We are pleased to now be increasing our collaboration through this partnership, which will definitely also benefit our customers going forward.’ – Ronald de Graan, Director Product Management at KUBUS

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