Waste is material without an identity

T.M. Rau

Why Madaster

Our planet is a closed system and therefore earth’s resources should not be wasted. The current situation shows that the resources we use as raw materials, lose their identity and become waste. Waste can be eliminated by giving materials an identity through a Material Passport.

Material Passports will lead to better buildings as incentives are introduced to better use of re-usable materials and invest in smart design that support circularity.

The Madaster Foundation partners are currently in the process of finalizing the Madaster platform. In the near future, you can log in to the platform here. For more information, please contact us.


Material Passport

We consider a building to be a depot of materials with an intrinsic value at a product, component, and material level. A Material Passport lists and valuates products, components and materials during the lifetime of a real estate object. This knowledge about the object’s composition and its financial value creates opportunities to save costs, increase re-usage of materials and reduce waste.

The Material Passport is a concept supervised and governed by the Madaster Foundation. The foundation promotes, stimulates and oversees the development and usage of the Material Passport and ensures privacy, security and availability of data.

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Other use and benefits of the Material passport

Construction Design

Designers / architects can take future usage and value of materials, components and products into account.
Suppliers will be proactive in providing services (pay for usage) instead of materials delivery only.

Risk & Financial Management

If regulators take materials waste into account in their supervision, passport holders are compliant.
Object write off to nil is not necessary anymore as the passport gives an auditable value of its material values.

Real Estate leverage

The passport gives functional designers the insight in reusing real estate components in case of renovation.
A new market for reusable construction components and products will arise.

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