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Publications 24 jan 2024

Material Passports: Accelerating Material Reuse in Construction

Orms and Lancaster University proudly announced the release of their groundbreaking report, Materials Passports: Accelerating Material Reuse in Construction, on 16 January 2024.

The report shows a clear route towards Net Zero construction practices by advocating for enhanced material reuse and using material passports to facilitate this. As well as participating in the working group that developed the report, Madaster is recognised as one of only two providers of material passport platforms in the United Kingdom, which can offer enhanced features to users through advanced automation, robust data management, and visually impactful graphical outputs.

We welcome the processes outlined in this guidance and hope it helps more organisations realise the need for and benefits of material passports as well as how to create and use them effectively.

The report closes with a bold call to action proposing that from 2025 onwards, every construction project should have material passports as a key deliverable.

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