Dutch Government underlines the importance of circularity

The circular construction economy in the Netherlands is maturing at a rapid pace! The new Cabinet made it very clear: sustainability is high on the agenda and it’s time to scale up. This is reflected, inter alia, in the subsidy budget of the MIA (i.e. environmental investment rebate scheme), which was increased from EUR 114 million to EUR 144 million.

The MIA is a Dutch investment measure that allows commercial real estate owners to acquire a tax advantage of up to 45% on their investment in ‘circular construction’. Also through the material passport, Madaster partner AdamasGroep was able to obtain this subsidy for one of their customers (GLP). Dutch industry leaders are already applying circularity at scale. Take, for example, area developer BPD who has delivered the first 127 houses with a material passport in Buitenoord, a new sustainable housing district in the Dutch town of Wageningen. These were the first of 1000 BPD houses that will be completed with a passport. The subsidy increase shows that the Dutch Government is getting serious about facilitating circularity in the construction sector.