Registration of real estate in Madaster using material passports provides owners with comprehensive information about the materials used within those buildings — information about the quality and origins of those materials and their location, as well as their financial and circular value. Collaboration with Circular IQ allows circularity data to be retrieved automatically from suppliers and integrated into the material passport. This provides a complete picture of a building’s degree of circularity. It simplifies the reuse of materials, stimulates smart design and eliminates waste.

Madaster functions as an online library of materials. Resources are scarce and, therefore, need do be well-documented to ensure their continued and unlimited availability. Registration on the Madaster Platform provides materials with their own identity, so that they can never again be discarded, in anonymity, and end up as waste. For their real estate objects, the users of the Madaster Platform are able to create a material passport containing information about the materials used as well as their circular and financial value. This simplifies the reuse of materials, in cases of renovation or recovery. In this way, a building becomes a documented ‘storage place’ for the materials it contains.

Through the Circular IQ platform, information about the degree of circularity of products and materials can be structurally collected from suppliers and shared with Madaster. This service is now also available to the customers of Madaster. The data set, for example, is enhanced through the Madaster Platform, enabling the generation of more comprehensive material passports. This provides the owners and managers of real estate objects with an accurate overview of the circular characteristics of their buildings. In addition, clients and builders are able to objectively assess the circular aspects of the materials and products they would like to use in those buildings. Thus, anyone can immediately start working on the circular economy.

‘There is still so much to be gained in digitising and managing sustainability data. Circular IQ and Madaster both are anticipating on this subject, encouraging users and customers to use their purchasing power to achieve sustainability goals. I am very pleased and proud of the proposition that we jointly developed in order to support the front runners in this sector.’ – Roy Vercoulen, CEO Circular IQ