Real estate developer Necron is contributing to circular area development at Schiphol Trade Park (STP) by registering all its real estate development projects at that location in Madaster. Because of this registration, all buildings—including an Intercity Hotel—will be provided with a material passport. The comprehensive information in such a material passport facilitates easy reuse of materials, stimulates smart designing and eliminates waste.

In 2018, work started at Schiphol Trade Park with preparations for the infrastructure, and early 2019 the first lots were allocated. Necron is one of the first developers to start the development of a sustainable Intercity hotel, as part of Necron’s complete Ellipse Park. By registering a building’s materials and products in Madaster, the location, quality and origins of those materials can be determined at any given time. In addition, circular and financial information flows are linked, thus revealing the historical, current and future value of materials, products, elements, the building itself and all of these combined. The information is stored in a secure, web-based material passport that is automatically generated after a building is registered in Madaster. This is very useful, not only for maintenance, but also for future renovations and valuations.

Madaster and Necron are looking forward to this innovative collaboration in order to optimise the sustainable use of the resource materials that we are allowed to ‘borrow’ from nature, for a certain period of time. Necron specifically commissioned RAU Architects to develop this iconic project in the most sustainable way, in cooperation with construction company Ten Brinke Bouw, which has been tasked with the sustainable construction.

‘Necron greatly values increasing the sustainability of our society. In this respect, Madaster’s circular thinking is an interesting beacon. Registering and following the materials documented in a material passport will enables us, in the future, to monitor the circular and financial value of our buildings.’ Gerard van Liempt, CEO Necron Holding AG

‘Registration in Madaster offers more than only a centrally located outline of all real estate and the materials and products within it. For each building, a material passport provides detailed and up-to-date information about the circular and financial value, during all the phases of the building’s lifecycle. In this way, building owners, financiers, suppliers, developers and producers are stimulated to build according to sustainable methods. It is encouraging to see how real estate developer Necron, as one of the first developers, introduces the material passport at Schiphol Trade Park—thus, making an important contribution to the circular development of the area. We are therefore very pleased to be adding Necron to our network of partners.’ – Rob Oomen, Partnership Manager Madaster