Madaster automatically generates secure, web-based passports for registered buildings and construction objects. These passports contain information about the quality, origins and location of materials and products and provide insight into the material, circular and financial (salvage) value of those buildings.

Circular value

The Madaster Circularity Indicator is an important tool for owners to focus on circularity, as it provides accurate information about, among other things, the lifespan of buildings and possibilities for reuse. 

Financial value

The registered materials and products that are incorporated in buildings can be removed or dismantled to be reused or recycled and, therefore, retain value. This is interesting for the property owners, as it represents a great deal of financial benefit. Not only in case of demolition or renovation, but also with respect to investment projects. Depreciation of a building to zero becomes a thing of the past. 

Market developments

Material passports are ‘hot’ and there is increasing international consensus about the need for such passports. Madaster is involved in many of these initiatives, such as CB’23, Level(s), RICS, BAMB and PCDS. This enables us to implement and support government guidelines and policy developments, in a practical and efficient way, through our automated platform.

Wondering what these passports look like? Here, you can download the passport of our demonstration building, ‘The Arc’.