Madaster —the public online library for building materials, aimed at eliminating waste around the world— has won a Digital Top 50 Award in the category ‘Tech for Social Impact’, during a technology event held on 21 June, at the Tech Open Air in Berlin. These Digital Top 50 Awards have been designed by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet to recognise and reward bold talent, advanced innovation and keen commercial insight.

Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet joined forces in the creation of the Digital Top 50 Awards. These awards recognise top talent among European entrepreneurs, in the following five categories: B2B Start-ups, B2C Start-ups, B2B Scale-ups, B2C Scale-ups and Tech for Social Impact Companies. In total, there were 400 participants from which a jury selected the Top 50. Over the past weeks, the general public was able to vote for their favourite participant, and last Thursday, 21 June, participants had to pitch their enterprise, ‘live’ for the jury, during the Tech Open Air technology event in Berlin. Here, Madaster was announced the winner in the category ‘Tech for Social Impact’.

Madaster functions as an online library that documents materials and buildings, similar to the registration of land parcellation and ownership in a land registry. In Madaster, users can generate material passports for their buildings. Such a material passport contains a large amount of information about the quality and origins of the materials and their current location. This makes it easier for materials to be recovered and reused during renovation and construction. In this way, a building can be considered a ‘storage place’ of materials.

‘We are very proud to have received the Digital Top 50 Award ‘Tech for Social Impact’. We consider it an enormous honour to have been rewarded by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet for our hard work over the last year. Together with the help of the Madaster Kennedys, our partners, customers and supporters, as well as the entire Madaster team, we were able to create a powerful platform for the registration of materials and products within the built environment, to ensure that these products and materials will no longer end up as waste. This award is yet another confirmation that, together, we can truly make the transformation towards a circular economy.’ Pablo van den Bosch, Board Member of the Madaster Foundation

‘Technology and innovation are at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit, and the five winners this year clearly offer unique digital services for a circular economy, health, employment and more.’ Sandra Fruendt, Marketing Director Google, B2B, Dach

‘Madaster is unique at tackling one of the world’s biggest problems—the elimination of waste—through an open-source platform.’ Tweet by Digital McKinsey, in addition to jury member Karel Dörner, McKinsey Senior Partner

‘We feel that the appreciation shown to us by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet is a tremendous support for our crowdfunding campaign. Obviously, there is no planning for such a thing, but we think it is absolutely fantastic that we have become the European number-one Social Impact Tech Start-up on the day we started our crowdfunding campaign. This prize enables us to boost the development of our platform, both with respect to functionality and international implementation.’ Martijn Oostenrijk, Director of Madaster Services B.V.