The Netherlands, Amsterdam – 29th September 2017 – Today Madaster, the ‘cadastre’ for materials, went live. This online library facilitates the creation of digital documentation of materials for real estate objects. Through documentation and registration of materials, an online archive makes the reuse of materials easier, stimulates smart design and eliminates waste.

On 17 February 2017, Thomas Rau and Pablo van den Bosch, directors of the Madaster Foundation, launched their initiative to a select audience. This initiative became reality today. With the financial and content support of 33 so called Kennedy’s, the Madaster Foundation realized their goal in 7 months.

“Our planet is a closed system and that’s why we have to make our limited editions – indefinitely available. The current situation shows us that waste is material without an identity – endlessly available. Waste can be eliminated by providing them with a documented identity through material passports.”- Thomas Rau

“The vast amount of data in a material passport helps to make innovative decisions during the design, build and management phase of buildings. Financial institutions can include the intrinsic value of materials as documented in material passports in their core financing process.”- Pablo van den Bosch