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News 9 nov 2021

Wincasa new partner of Madaster Switzerland

Wincasa new partner of Madaster Switzerland

Wincasa new partner of Madaster Switzerland

Putting circular thinking into practice is much easier today than it has been in the past — especially in the sectors of construction and real estate, where circular solutions can have a large impact. Wincasa AG, the leading integral real estate service provider in Switzerland, will facilitate the efficient use of materials along the life cycle of a property as a new partner of Madaster Switzerland.

‘With the help of Madaster, in the future, we will not only have in-depth knowledge of the materials available in the real estate park that we manage, but we will also be able, for example, to reuse the materials from a property that is to be demolished. This possibility represents a new dimension of circularity in real estate management and closes the loop in cradle-to-cradle construction projects’ - Beatrice Landolt, Head Construction & Facility Management Wincasa

Visit Madaster Switzerland to stay tuned!

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