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Blogs 7 jun 2023

Unlocking Sustainability Insights with Madaster’s Asset-Level Dashboards

As organizations strive to reduce their environmental impact and promote circular economy principles, understanding the performance of their assets in terms of embodied carbon and circularity has become essential. Madaster’s asset-level dashboards empower users to track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) related to embodied carbon and circularity, paving the way for informed decision-making and sustainable progress.
Asset-Level Performance Overview

Embodied Carbon: Unveiling Hidden Impacts

Embodied carbon refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with the entire life cycle of a building, from material extraction and manufacturing to construction, maintenance, and end-of-life. Madaster’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) dashboard provides users with an overview of their building’s embodied carbon, allowing them to gauge its environmental impact. By visualizing the asset in 3D, users gain a clear understanding of the building components where carbon emissions are concentrated, enabling them to focus their efforts on reducing the building’s carbon footprint.
Asset-Level Embodied Carbon

Circularity: Paving the Path to Sustainable Materials

Circularity measures the degree to which materials incorporate reused, recycled, or sustainably sourced content (input), and the degree to which they can be reused, recycled, or repurposed at their end of life (output). Madaster’s asset-level dashboards provide detailed insights into the circularity of the asset and its individual materials. By examining input and output material flows, users can identify materials that hinder circularity and make informed decisions to optimize resource usage and promote a more circular economy.
Asset-Level Circularity

Driving Sustainable Decision-Making:

By understanding which materials contribute most significantly to embodied carbon and hinder circularity, organizations can prioritize sustainable alternatives during design, construction, and maintenance phases. Madaster’s intuitive dashboards facilitate communication and collaboration among project teams, architects, and material suppliers, fostering a collective effort to achieve higher sustainability standards.
Asset-Level Embodied Carbon Material Hot Spots
  Written by: David Parker, Senior Product Manager at Madaster You might also want to read Maximizing Sustainability Across Your Portfolio with Madaster’s Portfolio-Level Dashboards.  

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