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Projects 9 dec 2021

Statsbygg joins Pioneer Program for increased reuse

Statsbygg joins Pioneer Program for increased reuse

Statsbygg, The Norwegian state-owned management company in construction sector, became the fourth Partner (Kennedy) to Madaster Pioner Program in Norway. They have bold ambitions to pave the way for a more circular construction industry.

As the governments central advisor in construction and real estate matters, client for state construction projects, property manager and property developer Statsbygg takes a lead role in the transition to a more climate-friendly construction industry.

‘Participating in Madaster’s pioneer program fits in well with our core values. At Statsbygg, we emphasize being a brave and constructive contributor in the transition to the green shift. We use our position to cultivate a more climate-friendly and digital construction industry’, says Lars Petter Bingh, head of the section for environment and climate in Statsbygg.

Madaster Norway has established the Pioneer Program to collaborate with various key players to transform the construction and real estate industry into a more sustainable, green and circular one. The ambition is to support increased reuse of building materials and circular design – main priorities for the authorities in the EU and Norway. This will also help to cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce extraction of raw materials and reduce waste.

Mapping for a greener, circular construction industry

Contributions from the construction industry are important for success for Norways support of ´Fit for 55´- reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 55 percent by 2030. Statsbygg as a key player in the construction industry with more than 2300 buildings in its portfolio and managing more than 100 building projects at all times. They see Madaster’s functions as useful in the transition to a more climate-friendly and circular construction industry.

‘Knowledge of circularity is important if we shall be able to plan for increased reuse. Digitization is the most important tool we need to succeed with a more circular construction industry’, says Bingh.

He points out that Madaster can help accelerate the establishment of marketplaces for reuse and new business models.

Material bank and material pass

Madaster is connected to Norwegian product databases and a global raw material calculator. By collecting data, a circularity index is generated of the building’s materials, financial residual value and calculation of the CO2-footprint of the materials in the building.

‘In Madaster’s digital platform, buildings are defined as material banks and building material get a material passport. This is how circularity is calculated in the building’s life cycle, and this simplifies the reuse process for builders’, says Marie Drange, head of Madaster Norway.

Prioritizes reuse

‘Climate, circular economy and local environment have been the most important focus areas for Statsbygg in recent years. We see that reuse that building materials can meet all these priorities, and we look forward to starting the collaboration with Madaster’, says Bingh.

Statsbygg has already set up a group of employees to work on various projects that are relevant to register in Madaster’s digital platform.

‘We are happy to have Statsbygg in the Pioneer Program. In the digitalization of the construction industry, there is an enormous potential for reducing the use of raw materials, improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions. It will help us to succeed with the 1.5-degree goal’, Drange emphasizes. 

Lars Petter Bingh, head of the section for environment and climate in Statsbygg, signed the agreement of being a Pioner Partner to Madaster with Marie Drange, CEO of Madaster.

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