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Blogs 5 jul 2024

Madaster: Simplifying the Complexities of Buildings

At Madaster, we believe in making complex things clear and easy to understand. Imagine a skilled athlete – their movements appear effortless, but years of dedication lie beneath the surface. Our approach is similar!

Unlocking the Potential of Your Built Environment

With Madaster, you can gain valuable insights into your buildings and infrastructure. We provide clear data on how materials can be reused, their environmental impact, and their long-term value. While the background involves powerful technology, interacting with our platform is refreshingly straightforward.

Working Together, Seamlessly

Our platform fosters a smooth flow of information. Developers, investors, and asset owners simply ask their suppliers (contractors and designers) to use Madaster. This eliminates the need for everyone to become data experts or navigate complex regulations. Design and construction teams know exactly what data they need for a smooth process, while manufacturers can showcase their products through standardised data delivery. It’s a win-win!

Beyond the Hype

Last year’s ULI European Conference highlighted the real challenges faced by industry leaders. Rising interest rates, global issues, and stricter regulations are just some of the hurdles. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) was also a key topic, with some expressing concerns about its misuse.

At Madaster, we believe in a down-to-earth approach to ESG. We focus on transparency, clear reporting, and understanding the impact of our actions on the environment and society.

Simplifying Your ESG Journey

We understand the complexities surrounding ESG. Our platform empowers change by simplifying ESG reporting. Users register their products and buildings, receiving clear overviews and insights for informed decision-making. We believe in collaboration – with Madaster, ESG reporting becomes a transparent and practical exercise, strengthening your supply chain partnerships.

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