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Projects 2 sep 2023

Madaster Germany site inspection of the Macherei Berlin – Kreuzberg

On 9 August, the team of Madaster Germany visited a new construction project, the Macherei, which is being implemented by one of its Kennedys, Art-Invest Real Estate, in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
This project revolves around the seamless integration of renovated existing structures with contemporary new buildings, with a focus on energy efficiency and circularity — elements that are made transparent through the use of Madaster. One of the renovated buildings will be carefully designed to maximise resource efficiency. Another building will be the first climate-neutral office building of this size in Germany, with its eight floors and a total floor area of 8,700 m². A third building, designed as a hybrid wooden building, is a remarkable architectural demonstration of sustainability. The role of Madaster? The project was initially designed as a BIM, or digital twin, allowing the energy balance, construction progress and direct documentation of materials used to be continually monitored in Madaster. It enabled easy interim adjustments to achieve an optimal circular design. More information about the Macherei Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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Madaster Germany site inspection of the Macherei Berlin – Kreuzberg

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