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Blogs 8 jul 2024

Madaster x Fuse Circulair App: Integration from Fuse Solutions

The integration with the Fuse Circulair App from Fuse Solutions provides not only a Materials Passport but also a wealth of valuable information. This enables partners of Madaster Netherlands, including engineering consultancy BOOT, to offer their clients comprehensive sustainable advice.

Material Inventory as a Starting Point for High-Quality Reuse

A shift is happening in the construction industry. While material inventories were traditionally conducted before demolition to manage waste, they’re now being used throughout the project lifecycle. This offers significant benefits for companies, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and compliance with sustainability regulations.

But how are these inventories being conducted? Gone are the days of Excel spreadsheets and cameras. Let’s explore how circularity is becoming the norm and how technology is streamlining the process.

Circularity as a Requirement

Bert Hol, a project leader at Dutch engineering consultancy BOOT, has witnessed a significant change in client attitudes towards circularity. “Clients are actively seeking advice on implementing circular practices,” he says. “One key request is a Materials Passport, which relies on a precise material inventory. By using systems like Madaster, we can generate this passport alongside valuable data for comprehensive sustainable advice.” Celina van Kruistum, a Technical Advisor at BOOT, elaborates: “The inventory reveals not only material types, but also environmental impact and dismantlability. This empowers informed decision-making for our clients.”

Introducing the Fuse Circulair App

The Fuse Circulair app, developed by Fuse Solutions, replaces time-consuming Excel spreadsheets for material inventories. “The app uses NL-SfB coding and complies with Stabu and RAW standards,” explains Jaco Poppe, Commercial Director at Fuse Solutions. “This ensures standardised data and seamless integration with Madaster for high-quality building passports.” Furthermore, the app connects with digital marketplaces, facilitating immediate material trading if needed.

Benefits Beyond Engineering

Poppe emphasises the app’s versatility: “It’s valuable not just for engineering and consultancy firms, but also for architects preparing renovations for BREEAM certification. Similarly, companies trading circular materials, municipalities, and property owners aiming to reuse their own materials all benefit from using the app.”

Time and Cost Savings

Hol highlights the significant efficiency gains with the app: “We can quickly map out materials, their dismantlability, and CO2 impact using a tablet. This is a stark contrast to the days of Excel spreadsheets, which took days to complete.”

Realising Circular Ambitions

Reuse is increasingly on the agenda for construction companies, driven either by intrinsic motivation or regulatory requirements, as the European Union raises the bar with its targets. By 2050, the EU aims to be climate neutral, achieve a 90% CO2 reduction by 2040, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 (Fit for 55 package). This is also reflected in national certification systems and specific tendering requirements. Reporting is becoming more important than ever in the journey towards sustainability.

Van Kruistum concludes by emphasising the importance of data: “The more information we have on building materials, the better we can support reuse for a sustainable future. Integration with systems like Madaster enhances data accuracy. With the same input, we can generate both a materials passport and an environmental performance calculation in Madaster. When these two elements are also linked together, smart design from Madaster is a piece of cake altogether. It is the database of the future.””

By leveraging material inventories from the outset, construction companies can achieve significant gains in efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. Technology like the Fuse Circulair app streamlines the process, making circularity a practical and achievable goal.

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