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News 6 feb 2023

Madaster celebrated its 5th anniversary

Launched in 2017 in the Netherlands, Madaster is currently used in 6 European countries. Its online registry of materials now contains documentation on as much as 17 million m2 of gross floor area. International interest is also rapidly increasing because of the ambitions to achieve a circular economy, in combination with ambitious objectives, such as those of the European Green Deal.
Market developments and the insights obtained through our partner network, over the past five years, have caused the Madaster Platform to grow from a minimally viable product to an integrated and versatile platform — one that allows large-scale, practical application of circularity in the construction and real estate sector. This was celebrated during the Madaster & Friends Event, held on 24 and 25 January in De Groene Afslag in Laren, the Netherlands.

Sharing experiences and looking back

On the 24th, we discussed the development of the Madaster Platform over the years. Partners and platform users shared their experiences and talked to each other about current themes in relation to circularity and the material passport. Speakers included Sustainability Specialist Emma Klamer (from Aveco de Bondt), who talked about how they were already using Madaster to increase the focus on circularity in the design phase, and Senior Plan Developer Paul van Doorn (from Giesbers Ontwikkelen en Bouwen), who explained how, in recent years, the company has been working on a data-rich material passport, in preparation for and attuned to upcoming statutory rules and regulations. At the conclusion of this first Madaster & Friends day, we toasted our fruitful cooperation of the past few years.

Topical networking event

On 25th, we especially celebrated Madaster’s enormous achievements over the past five years, thanks to the support of our Kennedys, the efforts of our excellent partner network, the high level of investor confidence, and our extremely driven in-house team. After we all toasted the fifth anniversary, Jeroen Broersma (Managing Director Madaster Netherlands) invited a few front runners to share their views on circularity. Lars van der Meulen (Director CSR VolkerWessels) underlined the importance of directives and regulations to get the ‘traditional’ construction sector moving into the right direction. According to Jeroen Officier (Head of Development and Realisation BPD Area Development Region North-East & Central Netherlands), it is especially important for construction companies to take the lead themselves, such as by clearly specifying the circularity requirements in tenders via material passports. Clemens Brenninkmeijer (Head of Sustainability Redevco) especially emphasised the importance of cooperation and transparency to enable the much-needed transition. Many of the raw materials used within our built environment end up not only in real estate but also in infrastructure. Which is why Madaster, meanwhile, is working with various sectors on registering such infrastructure, including that of the drinking water sector. During the Madaster & Friends event, Joost Bouten of Vitens explained how the Dutch drinking water companies document all the materials and products used in their infrastructure, so that they can be reused when the infrastructure is dismantled or renovated. We look back on a great anniversary celebration and are incredibly grateful to our Kennedys, partners, investors and the entire Madaster team, who have all contributed to where we are today. Here’s to the next five years, cheers! Below the photographs of the Madaster & Friends event…  

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