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News 31 jul 2018



Utrecht, The Netherlands – 31 July 2018 – Real-estate consultancy HumbleBuildings and Madaster Services signed a partner agreement, today. HumbleBuildings, thus, is contributing to Madaster’s further development. Madaster is an independent public platform that generates material passports with the aim of eliminating waste, worldwide. The platform can be used by private individuals, companies and government authorities,

Madaster functions as an online library that documents materials and buildings, similar to the registration of property ownership and land division at a land registry. All users of Madaster can generate a material passport for their buildings. A material passport contains information about the quality and origins of materials and their current location. This makes them easier to recover and reuse, in cases of renovation and restoration. Buildings, thus, become documented ‘storage units’ of materials.

‘Collaborations between Madaster and relevant parties, such as HumbleBuildings, increases the quality and applicability of material passports and raises the level of acceptance within the market. HumbleBuildings and its subsidiaries provide advice in all phases of real estate, from design and realisation to maintenance and reuse. They are aware of the importance of integrating a material passport into their projects. In its role of real-estate adviser, HumbleBuildings can ensure that project information is made available, so that a detailed material passport can be generated in Madaster.’ Martijn Oostenrijk, Director of Madaster Services B.V.

‘At HumbleBuildings, we organise a measurable and clear project dossier. Our services include the registration of construction materials, from the very first steps, to the ‘as build’ situation, the realisation, and the further lifespan of real-estate objects in commercial and utilities construction. We do so on the basis of financial value, origins, lifespan and quality. In consciously handling resources and monitoring applications, we are building the bridge with our partner Madaster. By integrating mutual data, we are increasing conscious design, realisation and management.’ Edwin Lammertink, Mandèl Circular Building & HumbleBuildings

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