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News 20 nov 2018




The Netherlands, Rotterdam - 20 November 2018- Full service BIM agency HFB B.V. and Madaster Services signed a partner agreement, today. They are, thus, contributing to Madaster’s further development. Madaster is an independent public platform that generates material passports and functions as an online library of materials for the built environment. The platform can be used by private individuals, companies and government authorities, and is developed by Madaster Services, under the supervision of the Madaster Foundation.

Madaster is a registry of materials. Resources are scarce and, therefore, need to be documented to ensure that they will remain available for reuse. Registration on the Madaster platform provides materials with an identity, so that the can no longer disappear into anonymity in the form of waste. All users of Madaster can generate a material passport for their buildings. A material passport contains information about the quality and origins of materials and their current location. This makes them easier to recover and reuse, in cases of renovation and restoration. Buildings, thus, become documented ‘storage units’ of materials.

‘With HFB B.V., Madaster has added an innovative partner to the network. We are able to make a digitisation step in the area of registration of materials and products within the Dutch built environment. This also provides an impulse to the circular economy.’ Martijn Oostenrijk, Director of Madaster Services B.V.

‘We are extremely proud of our partnership with Madaster, and we believe that embracing this initiative is the joint responsibility of the entire real estate sector.’ Sharif Ben Chamach, Partner HFB B.V.

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