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News 18 apr 2019



On 18 April 2019, Fimble and Madaster Services signed a partnership agreement at the Building Holland trade fair in the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. Because of this collaboration, real estate owners and managers are able to generate material passports using BIM models. The elaborate information contained in a material passport provides insight into a building’s material, circular and financial value. Sustainable use and reuse of materials is stimulated for the purpose of eliminating waste within the built environment.


The world’s resources are limited and scarcely available. Materials need to be documented so that they can remain infinitely available rather than end up as waste.


All users of Madaster can generate a secure, web-based material passport for their buildings. A material passport contains information about the quality and origins of materials, the disassembling options of the various products and their current location. In addition, circular and financial information flows are linked, thus revealing the historical, current and future value of materials, products, elements, the building itself, and all of these combined.


Building Information Models (BIMs) contain a large amount of digital information about a building, including physical and functional characteristics. During a building’s designing, construction, management and maintenance phases, data are entered into such a model that can then be used by collaborating partners along the chain.

‘Because of the partnership with Fimble, BIM models can be made “Madaster-proof” and used for generating material passports. Real estate owners, thus, are provided with a centrally available and accurate overview of the material, financial and circular value of each of their properties—at any time within a building’s lifecycle, from the designing phase up to the point of demolition. The elaborate information may help decision-making during the designing, construction, renovation, management and demolition of buildings. Decisions which hopefully will lead to a smarter use and reuse of materials and less waste.’- Jeroen Broersma, Business Developer Madaster

‘The collaboration with Madaster enables us to exchange knowledge with other partners within the Madaster ecosystem. In addition, Madaster is offering a concrete solution for raising awareness about resource scarcity. With the use of our expertise in BIM possibilities, we can offer a product that provides companies with insight into the materials applied and the options for their reuse’, according to Michael Sandel, Commercial Director, and Léander van der Voet, co-owner of Fimble.

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