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News 30 oct 2018



Switzerland, Zürich – 30 October – Madaster Switzerland and Eberhard Unternehmungen have signed a partner agreement. In doing so, this first Swiss partner and expert in the field of demolition and reuse of building materials will contribute to the development of Madaster Switzerland. Together with the first new Swiss partners, a new standard will be defined for the efficient reuse of products and materials in the construction and real estate sectors in Switzerland.

Growing urbanisation and the ever more complex consequences of climate change are increasing the challenges posed to cities and entire regions around the world. The construction sector in Switzerland is generating an annual waste flow of 15 million tonnes in construction waste. Madaster Switzerland’s mission is threefold; it intends to eliminate waste, to make it easier to reuse the materials used in buildings by documenting, registering and archiving them, and to encourage circular design.

Madaster, the online library that documents materials and buildings, can be used by private citizens as well as organisations for generating material passports for their buildings. Such material passports contain a large amount of information about the quality and origins of materials and their current location. It offers transparency on the financial and circular value of the materials and products incorporated in a building.

Eberhard Unternehmungen is the first Swiss organisation to have entered into a partnership with Madaster Switzerland. The Zürich company is a pioneer in the field of urban mining—the harvesting of materials from existing building components. In the coming months, Madaster’s partner network in Switzerland will be expanded further, to outline the sector-specific needs and legal requirements in the online library of building materials. In order to ensure Madaster’s sustainable launching in Switzerland, the entire value chain of the construction and real estate sectors should be represented in the group of participating organisations.

‘Setting up closed-loop recycling processes for materials is one of the main challenges of our time. As a partner in the development of the Madaster material passport, we will be able to plot a course for the future that is economically and ecologically sound.’ – Patric Van der Haegen, Head of Development Eberhard Unternehmungen

‘Madaster provides building materials with an identity. This prevents them from disappearing into anonymity as waste. We are looking forward to working with Eberhard Unternehmungen to enhance the development of material passports, as catalyst for an effective and efficient use of resources in the construction and real estate sectors.’ – Thomas Rau, architect and founder of Madaster

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