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News 26 jul 2018



Author: Marloes Fischer, Madaster Switzerland 

On 14th June Thomas Rau – Board Member of the Madaster Foundation – kicked off the official introduction of Madaster in Switzerland. Madaster is an online library capturing materials in real estate and creating material passports. The first event took place at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bern and in the afternoon guests joined in NEST at Empa, Dübendorf. Participants from 25 different organisations involved in construction, planning, engineering and real estate joined the discussion about how we can embed circular economy in the real estate sector.

Thomas shared his vision that our planet is a closed system and therefore Earth`s resources are limited editions. Quoting Thomas Rau: “By writing down material in the build environment, instead of writing it off, waste can be eliminated in the real estate sector”. Madaster does this by giving material, like e.g. concrete, wood and copper, an identity through Material Passports.

Stefan van Uffelen, Director of the Madaster Foundation, explained how Madaster works, both the organization as well as the platform. To launch in Switzerland, we develop the online library – a virtual stock for construction material – together with our partners. It ensures a continuation of high quality construction as well as a future proof Switzerland.

With the first partners, the approach and structure for the Madaster Switzerland will be defined. To ensure a sustainable launch a representative amount of companies from different sectors in the Swiss economy will be invited to engage in developing this online library. In October 2018, the onboarding event will take place to kick off the cooperation towards a sustainable and waste free construction sector.


The Madaster Foundation aims to eliminate waste, starting in the real estate sector. It has a general and public, non-profit interest with representatives from across the economy. The organization promotes, manages and stimulates the development of material passports through the Madaster platform for existing and new buildings worldwide.

For more information please contact Marloes Fischer.

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