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News 17 oct 2019



Subsidy specialist Van Draeckeburgh and materials library Madaster will be working together to create maximum financial space for circular construction.

Van Draeckeburgh has been the market leader for many years now, when it comes to subsidy advice on sustainable construction, the preservation of historic monuments and technical innovation. Subsidies increase the financial feasibility of these projects, which is an important precondition for the actual realisation of plans. Tailor-made advice is given for each project in order to achieve maximum financial benefit. In addition, Van Draeckeburgh takes care of the entire subsidy process, from the initial analysis to payment and accountability. The current trend is clear.

Madaster aims to have waste eliminated from the built environment by giving materials a documented identity. The registration of materials and buildings in Madaster, similar to the registration of land parcellation and ownership in a land registry, ensures that materials are traceable and do not end up on the ever-growing mountain of waste. Anyone can use Madaster to generate a material passport for their real estate. These passports contain information about the quality and origins of materials, and provides insight into a building’s circularity value.

The Dutch Government has set up several investment schemes to stimulate circular construction practices — but what exactly is circular construction, and what makes a project circular? We all strive for clarity. And this clarity and measurability is also important for subsidies.

Mitchell Gmelich, General Director of Van Draeckeburgh, explains the advantages of the Service Partnership: “Madaster will refer to us any parties that are working on circular construction. From our end, we will also be introducing parties through Madaster’s material passport. We see the challenge in finding the right combinations for subsidy applications, finding out how preconditions can be complied with. Our goal is to create maximum financial scope to enable circular construction and in return we bring customers into contact with Madaster. We support the further development of the Madaster Platform and help to calculate the degree of circularity of a building.’

‘The Dutch Government is aiming to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy through subsidies and tax measures. Since the beginning of this year, there are also measures related to web-based material passports. It is important that the construction sector is aware of these measures and actually makes use of them to create more financial scope for circular construction. Our service partner Van Draeckeburgh can play an important role in this as a subsidy specialist. By helping to find the right subsidy option and ensuring that applications comply with the ever-changing preconditions and deadlines. In this way, we work together to make circular projects financially attractive.’ Rob Oomen, Partnership Manager Madaster

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