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News 14 dec 2021

2BA Database enrichment of Madaster Platform product data

2BA Database enrichment of Madaster Platform product data

Madaster regularly organises training sessions to help partners navigate the Madaster Platform and use material passports. The feedback that we receive during these sessions plays an important role in further platform development.

A recurring topic is that of the continuous expansion of data to enrich the amount of information that is available from the Madaster Platform. In this respect, we are continually collaborating with various producers on linking their data.

One of the things we are currently working on is the implementation of the 2BA database, which contains millions of products within the engineering sector and is already being used by many engineers and contractors. The links to this database means that elements in technical models in Madaster can be identified even better and will be linked automatically.

For more information about the development of the Madaster Platform, see this blog post by Sander Hoek (Director of Madaster). Interested in attending a Madaster partner training session? Please contact Sander Beeks (Partner Manager Madaster).

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