HOUSEFUL PROJECT adopts Material passport service

The EU’s housing sector represents only 9% of GDP but uses 50% of all the resources extracted, 40% of the available energy and 30% of the available water resources. All this, while causing 30% of all the waste and 35% of greenhouse gas emissions. There is no doubt about how necessary projects such as HOUSEFUL are!

HOUSEFUL is an EU project with a 14-strong team, launched in 2018. They have put together a set of 11 circular solutions with the help of stakeholders from the housing sector. These solutions involve the circular management and efficient use of water, waste, energy and material resources for all stages of the lifecycle of European buildings. The project carefully combines solutions into a systemic service (i.e. the ‘HOUSEFUL Service’) that also includes material passports. Along with BIM, these passports will increase productivity and efficiency within the built environment. Stakeholders will be able to make better decisions, throughout the value chain — from design, construction and operation, to maintenance and demolition. HOUSEFUL plans to introduce a material passport for each of its front-runner buildings, to obtain and share data for replication purposes. We are very proud that the material passports, which were developed by the Madaster Platform, will be part of the circular solutions offered on the future HOUSEFUL portal.

More information about the HOUSEFUL project.