About us


Madaster strives for social impact. In order to achieve this ambition, right from its inception in 2017, it has been organised in two independent organisations. The first of which is the Stichting Madaster Foundation, a Dutch non-profit organisation with a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status, which independently supervises the realisation of Madaster’s objectives. The second is Madaster Services, which focuses on the development, marketing and management of the Madaster Platform.

Madaster Foundation

In the vision of the Madaster Foundation, waste from the construction industry can be eliminated by giving materials an identity through a material passport. Madaster Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with Madaster Services to ensure that social impact is and remains one of the focal points of Madaster. The objective of this agreement is formally worded as follows: ‘The registration, organisation, documentation, storage and exchange of data regarding any materials, components and products used by the construction industry should be facilitated to such an extent that the materials consumed in the economy will continue to be available to future generations, through circularity and the circular economy. Identification information on the materials registered must be available to individuals, businesses, organisations, science, education, NGOs and government authorities, among others, as efficiently as possible, through a sustainable service that is compliant with data privacy and security requirements’. Madaster Foundation has a global focus and formal partnerships with local organisations in the countries where Madaster Services is operating. Read more about the Madaster Foundation at www.madasterfoundation.org.

Madaster Services

Madaster Foundation has outsourced the development and management of the Madaster Platform to an executive service company: Madaster Services. This has created financial stability to facilitate functional and geographical development, as well as market-based remuneration for employees and financiers. Madaster Services manages the platform with respect to its technical development, operational processes, administration, communication and user support.

Madaster Services is transparent in its pricing policy (based on the so-called ‘cost price plus’ principle) and makes no distinction between users (level playing field pricing). Madaster Services provides those services in each of the countries where the Madaster Platform is operational.

Ownership and supervision

Madaster Foundation is a non-profit foundation with directors and an independent supervisory board. The foundation owns the copyright and trademark rights of Madaster. The supervisory structure between Madaster Foundation and Madaster Services ensures that data remain strictly user-owned and cannot be used to maximise profits, but must always support the social impact as laid down in the statutes and contracts of the various Madaster organisations.

Madaster Services is a multi-entity service organisation and has various shareholders. In addition to the Madaster founders, these parties invested capital to grow an impact driven international company. The ownership and control is spread among various parties to ensure a balanced decision making and execution. Besides the capital of shareholders, Madaster Services has been made possible by a grant from the European Commission and a large-scale crowdfunding campaign.