Germany’s largest wooden hybrid office building: 100% match for Madaster

Announced at EXPO REAL 2021, EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin was presented as the first project that is a 100% match for the Madaster Platform in Germany. The office building fully matches the platform’s requirements.

‘The world needs better buildings’ defines EDGE’s commitment to develop projects in the most sustainable, healthiest and smartest way possible within the existing technical and building law framework. Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of EDGE, says: ‘At EDGE, we recognised very early on that efforts relating to the built environment had to be part of the solution to protect the environment. And this is most effectively achieved when strategic minds join forces. What we did with Madaster is a great example of this type of senergy. Putting circular economy at the core of our strategy, we aim to show its contribution to a sustainable future. With EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin announced as the first German Madaster pilot project, we are thrilled to set a new benchmark for the use of circular economy systems in the real estate industry.’

In the meantime, Berlin Hyp and Saint Gobain joined the Kennedy network of Madaster Germany. Together, they are working on Madaster’s Go Live event, scheduled for November.

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