On 31 October, eight municipalities received a certificate for their advanced implementation of material passports, as part of a material passport pilot project. These municipalities in the Amsterdam metropolitan area (MRA) were each presented with a Madaster material passport for one of their buildings, to provide more insight into this building’s material, circular and financial value. In their collaboration, MRA and Madaster aim to stimulate the circular construction economy in the region.

Rijk van Ark, Director of MRA Bureau, presented Material Passport Certificates to the municipalities of Amsterdam, Almere, Diemen, Edam-Volendam, Haarlem, Lelystad, Uithoorn and Waterland, during an event about buildings as material repositories (‘Gebouwen als grondstoffendepots’) held on 31 October in Amsterdam. The participants were awarded this certificate because they were well on their way to obtaining a material passport.

‘The new waste collection facility in Katwoude is fully energy-neutral, among other things because of the application of solar panels and a heat pump installation and because is has been constructed from sustainable building materials. It is not often that our municipality has such large projects, which is why we wanted to do this properly from the start, with the registration of the materials used in this property, so that they would remain available for reuse in the future’, according to Astrid van de Weijenberg, sustainability executive at the municipality of Waterland.