’s-Hertogenbosch, 29 June 2020 – Today, Buro Kade and Madaster signed a partnership agreement. Buro Kade is one of the first architecture firms to join the Madaster Partner Network. Through this collaboration, Buro Kade gives a boost to circular construction by completing the Madaster registration, including a material passport, for its projects.

‘Design decisions during the construction process have a large impact! Design flaws are never sustainable.’ Michael Bol — City Planner at Buro Kade

For the architects and city planners at Buro Kade, being part of a recovering, regenerative future is a great opportunity — a future in which we can recover materials and feed them back into the economy. This is why we are constantly considering and developing new design principles that centre around people and materials and look differently at the usability and reusability of buildings, in both the short and the long term. That is why Buro Kade, as an architecture firm, has the sustainability ambition of achieving 100% circular design by 2025!

Buro Kade is always working on valuable BIM models, both for internal and external use, and is modelling from the earliest moment possible. The architecture firm believes in an open collaboration on software-independent file formats; a so-called ‘open BIM’ structure that lays the foundation for a good material passport. Entering the Madaster partnership is therefore a very logical step for Buro Kade.

Madaster registers materials and buildings, similar to how land parcellation and landownership are registered in a land registry. Materials become traceable and remain available, indefinitely. In Madaster, anyone can create a web-based material passport for their buildings. Material passports contain a large amount of information about a building’s quality and origins and about the location of materials, and provide insight into the circularity and financial salvage value.

Michael Bol: ‘Buro Kade focuses roughly on two activities: consultancy and design. Circular construction is a shared sustainability ambition; a system in which various chain partners close the loop together. With our experience in circular and bio-based design, in recent years, we gathered many front runners around us, who complement our own activities. Through our experience, we can offer hands-on and practical solutions. And, not unimportantly, circular design with Buro Kade is high-tech and challenging, and above all extremely fun!’ 


Buro Kade is a collaboration between Molenaar&Bol&VanDillen architects b.v. and De Conceptenbouwers. We are a medium-sized all-round architecture firm, with a lot of expertise in building construction for the healthcare sector and in redeveloping monumental properties.

In 2018, we moved into our own ‘incubator’ and experiment environment, the circular hub De Mengfabriek, in the Dutch city of ’s-Hertogenbosch. The new set-up and layout of the office, 100% sustainable by the way, provided room for us to ‘live’ and work with partners who have been associated with our office for years. This has given us the opportunity to benefit from each other’s knowledge.

On 1 July, Buro Kade, together with BNA, has launched the new architectural network ‘Circular Architecture’. The various chain partners are also expressly invited to participate.