Zwolle, 7 November 2019 – BPD (Building Fund Property Development) and Madaster entered into a partnership today, during the real estate event in Zwolle (Het Vastgoed Event Zwolle) about the opportunities for circular construction in the real estate sector (‘Circulaire aanpak in de vastgoedketen: hoe krijg je het rond?’), with the intention to generate material passports for 1,000 new homes, by 2020. All the materials within these new properties will be registered in Madaster, the online library of materials, in close collaboration with builders and suppliers of materials and services. The registration will show the exact quantities of steel, glass, brick, concrete and other materials included in each new home, and also states the circular value.

Area developer BPD is playing an important part in creating sustainable, new housing areas. Frans Holleman, BPD’s Director of the North-East & Central Regions of The Netherlands: ‘The use and reuse of resources and the reduction in waste flows related to the construction of new housing and area development are integral elements of BPD’s sustainability ambitions. Together with our partners in the chain, we have started a learning process on how to develop new housing in a circular way. Material passports form an important step in determining the circular value of new housing. This is why we will be registering 1,000 new homes that are to be developed in the north-east and central regions of the Netherlands in Madaster, the online library of materials.’

Recent research by BPD has shown that 90% of consumers are interested in sustainable housing. The material passport informs residents about the materials used in the construction of their home and provides an indication of the residual value of those materials in the event of their reuse. This contributes to today’s need for sustainable living and also provides concrete information on the sustainability and possibilities for reassembly and disassembly of the individual properties.